Labnaf is a customizable modeling language and framework that semantically merges and extends standards into a meaningful strategy and architecture workflow. The framework features some extensive and configurable modeling language and tools along with pragmatic on-line documentation.
The software implementation is provided as a robust Sparx System’s Enterprise Architect software extension. The scalable architecture repository provides numerous concurrent users with enterprise visibility and traceability across many dimensions.
The language is based on natural, precise and unambiguous systems semantics. It is used for architecting and diagnosing portfolios of information, physical material, processes, enterprise functions, organizations, applications, technologies and equipment. It is also used for envisioning, planning and formalizing changes, for end to end solution architecture modeling, for organizing and automating architecture governance and for documenting architecture frameworks.
Miscellaneous industry patterns can be naturally addressed including IoT, ecosystems, cloud and information privacy.
The language is simple, practical and easily configurable, while covering a large spectrum of business transformation concerns. It enables visibility and traceability at several manageable levels of detail.
Labnaf includes the following set of software components, data stores and documentation:


ONE single language and transformation process where industry standards and best practices were merged

  • Strategy and architecture standards have been semantically merged (rather than integrated) into a process and a supporting modeling language. These standards include ISO/IEC/IEEE 42010, IT4IT, TOGAF, Archimate, BPMN, PESTEL Analysis, Porter’s Five Forces Analysis, Business Model Generation, Strategy Map & Balanced Scorecard, SAFe and Gartner EA Stage Planning.

ONE single tool implementing the language and method

  • The Labnaf strategy and architecture process, the modeling language and the repository structure are independent of their software implementation.
  • The current software implementation is provided as a robust Sparx Enterprise Architect software extension. Sparx is the most common, yet very affordable, modeling platform (more than 750 000 licenses worldwide).

Public Educational Material

Labnaf Addin

An add-in to the Sparx Systems' Enterprise Architect modeling environment. The add-in provides the following features

  • Labnaf modeling language
  • Labnaf modeling diagrams
  • Labnaf modeling toolboxes
  • Dynamic modeling connector validation
  • Diagram generation following templates defined in the Labnaf model repository
  • Element values initialization following configuration defined in the Labnaf model repository.

Labnaf Addin Lite


Same as above but for free and limited to 500 Labnaf elements.

This version is suitable for students and for product evaluation.

Labnaf Startup Model Repository

Initial model repository structure including

  • A configurable language metamodel with dynamic alignment of the model validation rules
  • Canonical and configurable repository structure of packages, elements and diagrams that one can copy from
  • Configurable templates for diagram generation
  • Model templates for configuring value calculations
  • Reusable diagrams and elements (auto-legends…)

Labnaf MDG Model Repository

A Labnaf MDG model repository that can be used to customize the following Labnaf items:

  • Labnaf modeling language elements, connectors and tagged values
  • Labnaf modeling diagrams
  • Labnaf modeling toolboxes
  • Other features of the modeling environment that can be adapted using Sparx Systems' 'MDG  Technologies'.

Labnaf Customization Workbench

A User Interface orchestrating the Labnaf customization lifecycle (Development, Testing, Production)

Labnaf Language Transformation Tools

Automatic transformation, in a repository, of existing modeling language elements and connectors in terms of types and stereotypes. Enables translation of any language e.g. ArchiMate, BPMN or UML, into any other language e.g. Labnaf (and vice versa).

Labnaf PowerShell: Multi-purpose daemon including different modules


  • Diagram generation following Labnaf diagram templates defined in the Labnaf model repository.
  • Excel generation following Labnaf Excel templates
  • Word generation following Sparx System's document template approach.
  • Publication to an HTML site where pages can be shared using standard e-mails.


  • Automated tagged value calculation following configuration defined in the Labnaf model repository.

Model validation

  • Invalid connector detection and email error reports distribution


  • To local model repository.

Labnaf Server

Anywhere, anytime, view, review and discuss your Labnaf strategy and architecture models on the cloud.

Secure and real-time access to your Labnaf model repository content from your smart phone, tablet or computer, by simply using a web browser.

Labnaf Server requires and integrates with Sparx System’s WebEA.

Labnaf Online Resources

Extensive on-line documentation of the actionable Labnaf strategy and architecture framework including its built-in transformation process, modeling language, model repository, modeling environment and tools.

Using Labnaf software as a server: If you are planning to use some Labnaf software in combination with Sparx System’s Enterprise Architect as a Server, please read Sparx System’s “Requirements and Conditions for Using Enterprise Architect as a Server based application” which are available on this page:

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