Enterprise Architect Global Summit – 2020

Virtuelle Konferenz 1-5 Juni 2020

Für EA-Benutzer von EA-Benutzern
Einformieren Sie sich über die neuesten Trends in der Industrie um zu erfahren, wie Sie Enterprise Architect am besten einsetzen, um die täglichen Herausforderungen besser zu lösen.
  Inspiring Speakers
The panel of Expert speakers will inspire you with their expertise and experience to maximize the value from an EA practice to cater to the emerging demands in Architecture.
  Knowledge Sharing
Exceptional content is just a part of it. Getting to know similar problems and gaining insights through meaningful collaboration.
  Implementation Focus
Discover and Learn from consultants who face these challenges first-hand, giving you strategies that can implement your EA practice.
  EA 15.2 Preview
Presented by Tom O'Reilly, COO, Sparx Systems Pty
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