The Yakindu EA-UML-Bridge, provided by itemis spports direct model-based access to Enterprise Architect UML models from within Eclipse. By using Enterprise Architect as your modeling front-end, the whole stack of Eclipse Modeling technologies now becomes available to process your models. Use Enterprise Architect for UML modeling, realize your customized code generators, model validations, and model transformations under Eclipse.

Direct, Fast, Interoperable
The Yakindu EA-UML-Bridge provides a direct and transparent way to access your model data in the form of an Eclipse UML2 model, avoiding any need for data import or export. By providing an in-memory UML2 model to access the Enterprise Architect model data, the data format is standardized, guaranteeing interoperability with Eclipse-based UML tools.

Read and Write Access
The Yakindu EA-UML-Bridge supports read and write access to UML model elements and relationships between them.

Support for different Model Persistencies and Operating Systems
The Yakindu EA-UML-Bridge supports access to EAP model files as well as MSSQL-based RDBMS model repositories (support for further RDBMS is planned). Access to EAP model files is not limited to Windows, but is available on all operating systems (Windows, MacOS, Linux) supported by the Eclipse platform.

Support for UML-Profiles and -Libraries
The Yakindu EA-UML-Bridge offers full support for Enterprise Architect UML-Profiles, by mapping them to identical UML2-Profiles that have to be registered in Eclipse. Enterprise Architect built-in primitive types (EA code engineering languages, e.g. Java, C, C++) can be mapped to respective Eclipse UML2 libraries, which are shipped with the Yakindu EA-UML-Bridge.

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