EA_UML2Exporter for oAW4

Model Driven Architecture (MDA) of OMG is supported by many tool vendors and they say "we are ready for MDA". During the last years concepts and solutions of model driven software development (MDSD) has evolved and established.
The actualy most famous MDSD-Framework is openArchitectureWare (oAW) oAW4, which can be used with Enterprise Architect.

EA_UML2Exporter is a currently free-of-charge exporting interface that creates EMF-based UML2 models for importing in Eclipse UML environment.
EA_UML2Exporter is implemented in Java, supports model and profile export and is built to be integrated in oAW4, the well-known open source MDSD framework.

Currently, the following diagrams are supported:
- Profiles
- Class diagrams
- UseCase diagrams
- Statemachine diagrams

Please contact the manufacturer for more information.

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